Fallout 76, Which Has Reached 17 Million People, Is Getting Lots More Content In 2024


Bethesda's Fallout 76 may not have debuted to a fantastic critical reception back in 2018, but the developer has steadily supported and expanded upon the game over the years. To date, it's reached more than 17 million people, so it's not a big surprise to learn that Bethesda is planning even more updates to the online RPG for 2024.

In a blog post, developer Jon Rush said, "We're not done yet." In Spring 2024, Bethesda will launch another update, Atlantic City -- America's Playground, which features a new mission. Players will take on the Jersey Devil in a main mission and dig into other story-driven quests and reach new areas of the world to explore and earn rewards.

Later in 2024, Bethesda will add new locations to the map in the south, into the Shenandoah woodlands. "This uncharted, once-tranquil expanse in the heart of Virginia will bring a new questline, factions, and rewards," Bethesda said.

Additionally, 2024 will see Bethesda do more with Fallout 76's seasonal events. These will be run more frequently than before and they will each have new rewards to collect.

"Among all this exciting new content, we're planning to release several additional features and improvements that benefit our avid builders and adventurers alike," Bethesda said. "Whether you've roamed Appalachia's wilds since day one or are still adjusting to the natural light outside the fluorescent halls of Vault 76, next year marks an exciting time to adventure into Fallout 76 and make friends in Wasteland."

Beyond the new updates for Fallout 76, 2024 marks the debut of the Fallout TV series on Prime Video, which arrives in April. The show is canonical to the Fallout universe.

Looking even further out, Bethesda's Todd Howard has confirmed Fallout 5, but it won't be released until after The Elder Scrolls VI.

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